An IDE for Assembly programming like Visual Studio style.

I choosed the Visual Studio 6.0 style, because I use Visual Studio since 1998 and I like it's style. This version is the first release.

The IDE support MASM compatible Assemblers only, that is, it supports MASM, JWASM and POASM.


1). It is free for non commercial use.

2). The IDE does not affect the Registry.

3). It is written in C/C++ language, to take advantage of the many libraries for a professional work.

4). The IDE has a build-in code editor, based on the Scintilla control, that I have modified and adapted to fulfill my needs.

5). Also, it has a professional support for Printing and Print Preview.

6). For details and before use this, read the ReadMe.txt.

The whole package includes JWasm, PoAsm, PoLink, PoRc, PoLib and Vortex Tools.

If use JWASM, you should use the included JWASM, because I have done some small modifications to become identical to MASM for report errors.


Many thanks to:

I hope that my effort will help Assembly programmers.

Athens, 22 April, 2011.



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